At Sun Engineering & Contracting, we are fully aware of our responsibilities towards the society and the communities within which we work. We are concerned about the social implications of our activities and the far-reaching effects of these activities. We are committed to bring positive change to the society and communities at large, within which we serve and operate. At Sun Engineering & Contracting, we believe in developing the next generation and we provide various scholarships to university students at different stages of their studies.


Since its establishment, Sun Engineering & Contracting has taken an active approach towards and have been heavily involved in the community within which it operates. From the owners of the company and through the ranks of the company, we ensure that our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is firmly embedded in our organization's culture. Our approach aims to promote development and awareness amongst our staff at all levels, allowing them to support our values and beliefs.

Sun Engineering & Contracting considers corporate social responsibility to be an integral and fundamental part of its activities and decision making process. We believe insustainable development by which our business decisionsare based on many factors including social impacts.