In reaching for new horizons, we adhere to the following:


- Strict adherence to project program and budget

- Thorough project quality control and safety monitoring

- Professional and ethical standards

- Diligent and fair employment policies

- Fast, efficient and accurate cost estimating

- Successful job completion for commercial, governmental and institutional construction






Sun Engineering & Contracting will strive to be an exceptional and professional contractor to the markets it serves, providing quality construction on time and within budget.


Our success has been built on a number of core company values that have remained almost unchanged since our earliest beginnings.

They are:
Quality- Delivering excellent
Value - Delivering exceptional value to our clients
Trust - We have a proud heritage of client and customer care
Service - We strive to deliver the highest standard of service to our clients
Proud - Our people are proud to work for Sun Engineering & Contracting
Committed - Our people are committed to delivering great client