Environment & Sustainability

At Sun Engineering & Contracting, one of our main goals is to work towards limiting our impact on the environment and to work with stakeholders to protect the natural world.

We are committed to high ethical standards, legal compliance, and integrity and we make sure that this commitment is reflected in our environmental policies and practices throughout the GCC region.

We understand that in order for our company to stay as one of the main players in the construction industry of the 21st century and for it to be able to have a sustainable growth in today’s competitive market, environmental sustainability should stay as one of the main focuses of ours.

To ensure compliance with this commitment, Sun Engineering & Contracting incorporates environmental policies under its HSE Management Statement. This is the subject of continuous review to keep abreast of and ensure that the latest local, regional and international regulations are being followed and are implemented.

Overall, we are proud of track record in preserving the environment and will continue operating as an eco-friendly contractor.

Sun Engineering & Contracting fully understands the importance of protecting the environment and is committed to undertaking all of its construction activities with a target of zero environmental impact.