Health & Safety

Health and safety in the work environment and creating and maintaining safe working conditions for all personnel and parties working both on the project sites and in premises operated by Sun are a top priority of Sun Engineering & Contracting. Our attention towards health and safety stems from a rigorous set of procedures which have been implemented to comply with the current legislation and international standards to create a safer work environment.

With a consistent set of trainings and awareness campaigns, we, at Sun Engineering & Contracting, make sure that our staffs are highly trained when it comes to health and safety issues at our sites and are capable to handle any situation which might arise during the construction work.

Sun Engineering & Contracting believes that a safe work environment is paramount and fully supports and works towards the principal that ‘Safety is No Accident’.

Everyone is encouraged to ‘think safe’ and it is through the systematic procedures, such as tool box talks that Sun Engineering & Contracting continues to strive towards a safer working environment.